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  • EAS September 26th Meeting

    Our speaker, from the University of Washington, is Brett Morris, with a presentation - "Alternative Rock(s): Plans for Finding Earth-like Exoplanets".   He will discuss some of what we have learned about exoplanets so far, especially with Kepler mission, and where exoplanet discovery and exploration is headed next.  For the last two decades, planet searches have been largely designed to determine the number of planets in the galaxy and their sizes in a statistical sense.

    At present, a transition is underway towards searching for particular kinds of planets, like habitable Earth-sized ones, or planets we can study with great detail. In this talk, UW Astronomy and Astrobiology graduate student Brett Morris will review the methods used to find exoplanets, and lay out the upcoming missions planned by NASA and ESA for finding the first habitable Earth-like world which we'll be able to search for life.


EAS member Ron Tam has offered a flexible opportunity to EAS members to come to his home north of Snohomish for observing on clear weekend evenings and for EAS star parties. Anyone wishing to do so needs to contact him in advance and confirm available dates, and let him know if plans change. “Our place is open for star parties any Saturday except weekends of the Full Moon. People can call to get weather conditions or to confirm that there is a star party. Our phone number is (360) 568-5152. They can e-mail me too (tam1951 at but I don't check my email daily. They can email me for directions if they have never been out here.” Listed below are proposed dates for planned EAS star parties at my *Ron Tam’s place, depending upon the weather, of course. Call Ron about spur-of-the-moment observing.

Upcoming Star Parties

(weather permitting)
Location of Star Party
Oct Scheduled for dark moon weekend  - Call Ron to arrange spur-of-the-moment observing.

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Oct 10 EAS Oct  Meeting - Saturday 3:00 pm - Evergreen Branch Library on Evergreen Way
Nov EAS Nov  Meeting